25 years anniversary

15th July 2020

Four 25 years anniversaries at K.S.M.

Before the summer holidays K.S.M. celebrated four 25 year anniversaries held close together due to the Corona situation.

Peter Jørgensen (far right) started out as an unskilled labourer at KSM, later in adult apprenticeship as a smith. Peter’s main competence is welding, and he has supplemented with a national welding coordinator education. Peter works purposefully and safely through forging tasks.

Hans Koed Pedersen (second right) started as our shearing master and in 2000  he came to our cutting hall, where he today serves our plasma VBA plant. He often utilizes the precision of the machine beyond what should be possible, but with experience and technical ingenuity, Hans makes the impossible possible.

Peter Power  (second left) is our administrative handyman who gets things resolved. He came to KSM to start a quality project, but when he saw the need for an order processing system, he built one in Access that lasted many years. He has faithfully kept up with developments and today solves many challenges in our EPR Navision.

Per Møller (far left) is the visionary man behind our state-of-the-art cutting hall. As a smith and then production technologist, foreman and cutting manager, he has always been in control of things and seen opportunities and potential for development, both with himself, his employees and the company. Today he is sales director and one of the co-owners of KSM.